Corrosion Research Center

The Corrosion Research Center (CRC) is an alliance of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral research associates and visiting researchers with a common interest in corrosion science and engineering. Currently, approximately 17 to 20 persons are involved with the CRC.

The purposes of the CRC are:

A common theme in the CRC research program is to advance the fundamental understanding of corrosion and electrochemical processes at oxide films. These studies involve diverse technical issues, such as the influence of surface morphology on film growth, stresses in thin oxide films (including both high-temperature and ambient-temperature films), electronic and optical properties of thin oxide films, properties and applications of electroactive oxide films and electrochemical reactions at interfaces. Currently, fuel cells and lithium batteries are the primary areas of interest. Central to many of these studies is the development and use of sophisticated, high-resolution microscopic techniques. In addition to pursuing scholarly research, CRC professors organize symposia, offer short courses on corrosion and fuel cells, and consult for government agencies and private industry.

During the past year research studies were supported by the following sponsors:

We invite other groups to participate as well.

For more information, please contact the Director, Professor David A. Shores, at 612-625-0014; or write to: Corrosion Research Center, 112 Amundson Hall, 221 Church St. S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455; or e-mail dshores@umn.edu.