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    Teaching at the University of Minnesota

    Introduction to Material Science (MatS 3600H) - Winter 1995, 1997, and 1998. Honors class of the Institute of Technology at the junior level.

    Electronic Structure of Materials (MatS 8214) - Spring 1996. Special graduate course on electronic structure at the CEMS Department.

    Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEn 5001) - Fall 1996 and Spring 1999, Lab instructor, and Fall 1997 and 1998, lecturer. (four sessions).  Undergraduate course in numerical analysis applied to chemical engineering problems.

    Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (MatS 3011) - Fall 1999, 2000, lecturer, Fall 2002, recitation instructor. Large (150+ students) junior level class.

    Introduction to Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials (MatS 5013). Spring 1998, 1999, and 2001, Lecturer in senior level Materials Science course.

    Materials and Energy Balances (ChEn 4001) - Spring 2000 Lecturer and recitation instructor. Large (150+ students) junior level class in the Chemical Engineering curriculum.

    Current Issues in Solid Earth Geophysics: Observations and First Principles Calculations- Spring 2002 – Lecturer of seminar series.

    Advances in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering (ChEn/MatS 1001) - Fall 2002, 2003

    Electronic Properties of Materials (MatS8003) - Spring 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. Required graduate course in Materials Science.

    Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (ChEn 4101) - Fall 2003 Recitation instructor. Junior level course in Chemical Engineering.

    Metals and Alloys (MatS 3012) - Fall 2004, 2006. Senior level course in Materials Science.

    Vlab Tutorial in Computational Materials/Mineral Physics (MatS 8995) - Summer 2006. Educational outreach funded by NSF but also offered for credit to U of MN gradstudents.

    Thermodynamics of Materials (MatS 4001) Fall 2007, lecturer. Senior course in Materials Science




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