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Research in the group is devoted to quantum mechanical studies of materials. The first principles methodologies we use and develop are based on Density Functional Theory (DFT) and Pseudopotentials (PP). These theoretical methods rely only on knowledge of the fundamental constants and atomic numbers. Yet, they are predictive beyond the current limits of many experiments. This is particularly true of matter subjected to extremely high pressures and temperatures such as those encountered in planetary interiors.

Virtual Laboratory for Earth and Planetary Materials - VLab

The Virtual Laboratory for Earth and Planetary Materials Studies, VLab, funded by the National Science Foundation and hosted by the Supercomputing Institute for Digital Simulations and Advanced Computation at the University of Minnesota, is an interdisciplinary consortium dedicated to the development and promotion of the theory of planetary materials.


Contact Information:

Renata M.M. Wentzcovitch
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Institute of Technology
University of Minnesota
151 Amundson Hall
421 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis MN 55455

612-625-6345 (vox)
612-626-7246 (fax)
612-626-1686 (alternate fax)
612-624-5763 (administrative assistant)


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