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Photo taken April 2015


January 2016

Prof. Francis's new textbook, Materials Processing A Unified Approach to Processing Metals, Ceramics and Polymers, is available from Elsevier/Academic Press. Link

December 2015

First year graduate students, Krystopher Jochem (co-advised by Dan Frisbie) and Jyung Ting Wu (co-advised by Satish Kumar), join the research group.

November 2015

Prof. Francis gives an invited presentation, "Use of Capillary Flow to Create Flexible and Embedded Electronics," at the 2015 Composites at Lake Louise Conference in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

October 2015

"Wettability Contrast Gravure Printing" (Heng Zhang lead author) appears online in Advanced Materials.

"All-printed, Foldable Organic Thin-Film Transistors on Glassine Paper" (Woo Jin Hyun lead author) appears online in Advanced Materials.

Research in the Francis group focuses on the materials science and processing of coatings, ceramics and composites.  The emphasis is on processing and microstructure control, but some projects also explore the important connections between the structure and the properties.  Research projects are collaborative, involving other faculty and colleagues in industry.