Francis Research Group Photo Bryce Williams Noah Holzman Yuyang Du Wieslaw Suszynski Yan Wu Motao Cao Bob Lade Lorraine Francis Yu Abe Ankit Mahajan Tuoqi Li

Photo taken April 2015


May 2015

Coating Process Fundamentals Short Course educates 75 scientists and engineers in the three-day intensive course.

"Formation of Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide Thin Films from Colloidal Nanocrystal Dispersions via Aerosol Jet Printing and Compaction" (Bryce Williams lead author) appears online in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces:

"Sag in Drying Coatings: Prediction and Real Time Measurement with Particle Tracking" (Robert Lade lead author) appears online in Progress in Organic Coatings:

Tuoqi Li receives CEMS Excellence in Teaching Assistance Award (link)

Yuyang Du, Robert Lade, Tuoqi Li, and Yan Wu receive Outstanding Teaching Assistance Awards from CEMS (link)

Research in the Francis group focuses on the materials science and processing of coatings, ceramics and composites.  The emphasis is on processing and microstructure control, but some projects also explore the important connections between the structure and the properties.  Research projects are collaborative, involving other faculty and colleagues in industry.