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Photo taken April 2015


September 2015

Alireza Mohammad Karim starts a post-doctoral project on curtain coating. Alireza will be working with Wieslaw in the Coating Process and Visualization lab to set up experiments and he will be co-advised by Prof. Marcio Carvalho in PUC-RIO, Brazil.

August 2015

"A Self-Aligned Strategy for Printed Electronics: Exploiting Capillary Flow on MIcrostructured Plastic Surfaces," (Ankit Mahajan and Woo Jin Hyun lead author) appears online in Advanced Electronic Materials

Bob Lade presents a poster, "Capillary-Driven Flow in Open Microchannels Printed with Fused Deposition Modeling," at the 2015 International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium in Austin, Texas

July 2015

Form 1 Stereolithography 3D Printer arrives! It is housed in the Valspare Materials Science and Engineering Undergraduate Lab

Research in the Francis group focuses on the materials science and processing of coatings, ceramics and composites.  The emphasis is on processing and microstructure control, but some projects also explore the important connections between the structure and the properties.  Research projects are collaborative, involving other faculty and colleagues in industry.