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Research in The Flannigan Lab is highly interdisciplinary and includes aspects of materials science, physical chemistry, and solid-state physics for the study of photoinduced structural and electronic dynamics in condensed matter.  Our primary goal is to understand such processes at the combined atomic and ultrafast spatiotemporal scales, and we actively develop and apply methods of time-resolved electron microscopy in order to uncover new experimental parameter space and overcome limitations stemming from signal averaging over relatively large specimen volumes.  Please visit our Research page for summaries of active projects in the group falling under the general theme of time-resolved and ultrafast electron imaging.

Recent News
October 2016March 2017

  • Elisah receives a 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.  Congratulations, Elisah!

February 2017
  • Spencer passes his prelim.  Congratulations, Spencer!
  • Dave delivers an invited talk in the Department of Chemistry at Indiana University.  Thanks very much to Prof. Sara Skrabalak for hosting!

January 2017
  • Boo successfully defends his thesis.  Congratulations, Dr. Schliep!
  • Dave delivers an invited talk at the Ahmed H. Zewail Memorial Symposium at Caltech.  Many thanks to Prof. Peter Dervan and the other organizers for arranging such a memorable event!

December 2016
  • Ryan's Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research proposal is awarded funding.  Congratulations, Ryan!
  • Dave's Grant-in-Aid of Research proposal is awarded funding from the UMN Office of the Vice President for Research.
  • Dayne receives a Best Poster Award at the Fall MRS Meeting in Boston for his poster titled "Observing Energy Transport on the Nanoscale with Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscopy".  Congratulations, Dayne!

November 2016
  • Dave presents an invited talk at the Fall MRS Meeting in Boston titled "Imaging Photoexcited Acoustic-Phonon Dynamics in Nanostructured and Nanoscale Materials".
  • Dave's NSF CAREER proposal is awarded funding.
  • Daniel Du (Materials Science), Elisah VandenBussche (Chemical Engineering), and Yichao Zhang (Materials Science) join the group as first-year graduate students.  Welcome to the group, everyone!

October 2016
David J. Flannigan

David J. Flannigan

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